6 advantages of vacuum packaging

There are many qualities when vacuum packing products and/or foods. In addition to being practical and safe, it facilitates processes within the supply chain, prolonging the useful life of the product. Here are six benefits:

1. Food Preservation : Vacuum bag sealing extends shelf life 3-5 times longer compared to traditional forms of storage. It is ideal for storage.

2. Food protection : Provides an excellent barrier preventing freezing and dehydration burns, favoring the texture and flavor of the products.

3. Prolonged freshness : prevents the entry of oxygen, preventing the growth of fungi, bacteria and mold, favoring its conservation. Preventing decomposition upon contact with oxygen.

4. Enhances Flavor : Vacuum packing foods allows for marinating and seasoning, adding to a memorable dining experience.

5. Portion food – Vacuum packs allow for portioning in single or multiple quantities for food preparation.

6. Food maturation: allows food maturation generating biochemical changes, improving the flavor and texture of food.