Hugo Beck


Hugo Beck is a world leading specialist in horizontal film, flowpack and paper packaging machines, automation solutions and post-print processing systems with a range from 3,000 to 18,000 cycles per hour.

We provide a full range of machinery solutions for horizontal film packaging, including flowpacks, polyethylene bags and shrink packs as primary and secondary packaging. Our machines process all types of film, regardless of manufacturer.

Our latest paper packaging solutions underscore our commitment to the continuous development of innovative machinery technology. Working closely with our customers, we develop sustainable packaging solutions in every way for the markets of today and tomorrow.

Hugo Beck robots and handling systems are a component of various automation solutions. Peripheral modules and feeders can be used flexibly with all our machines.

With over 65 years of experience in providing flexible, customized packaging solutions in many different industries, Hugo Beck is known for delivering the highest quality in packaging, machine availability and efficiency. Many Hugo Beck packaging machines often accompany our customers throughout their useful life. Twenty years is typical and even after thirty years many are still in use, all thanks to the quality of Hugo Beck machine design and our tailored service and maintenance packages.

Our goal is to always offer the ideal packaging solution for our customers. How can we pack your world?