Vacuum Bags


$9.390$118.412 IVA

Bag made of high-barrier material that prolongs the useful life and prevents the oxidation of the product. At Comercializadora Internacional we offer a wide variety and configurations of vacuum bags, a variety of sizes and measurements, scales in quantities, availability in generic or printed format, with and without zipper.


  • food preservation
  • food protection
  • prolonged freshness
  • enhances the taste
  • Portion food
  • food maturation

Frequent questions

Yes, we offer digital printing for small quantities and flexographic printing for larger volumes. custom quote
Yes, our packages are heat sealable. Heat sealing can be accomplished using a manual or automatic heat, vacuum sealer.
The Caliber is the thickness or thickness of the material, which is measured by means of microns, meaning the greater the number of microns, the greater the thickness or thickness of the packing.Rest of the country between 2-5 business days. We will send tracking guide for your tracking
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