Comercializadora Internacional CI SAS and Impresos CI SAS are a group of companies founded in January 1993, to offer materials for the flexible packaging industry. This group of companies over time has evolved to currently offer comprehensive flexible packaging solutions to the market and industry.

After starting as a packaging marketing company, offering the national market innovative and very good quality materials, over the years we have integrated production processes that allow us to offer a wide range of products such as raw materials in rolls, bags of different types, shrinkable bands and labels with and without printing.

Our experience and presence in the industry has allowed us to bring to the market comprehensive solutions for the automation of packaging and packaging processes from the hands of some of the most important companies in the world, of which we are representatives for Colombia and all of South America.


Comercializadora Internacional CI

In this company located south of the Aburra Valley, specifically in the municipality of Sabaneta, we manufacture and market flexible packaging products for local and national industry, from generic products for small and medium industries, to customized products for medium and large industry. In our sales room you can find packaging and machinery tailored to your needs.


Impresos CI S.A.S

With Impresos we expand our global projection. Being located in the Rionegro free zone, this company facilitates the processes of import and export of slaughterhouses and products, allowing us to offer the national and international market a wide variety of transformed products or raw materials ready for transformation.

To be one of the 10 most important companies in the packaging sector nationwide, offering agile and efficient solutions.

Provide flexible packaging solutions with the best technology and top quality materials; seeking environmental sustainability. Offer machinery for the packaging and packaging sector of the world’s leading companies in technology and automation.

Our Differentiators

With two modern plants ready to meet your needs, Comercializadora Internacional CI and Impresos CI, offer the national and international market generic and customized flexible packaging solutions that include value-added processes such as custom lamination to add barriers against environmental factors, digital printing and flexographic of up to 8 colors to meet large and small volume requirements, and different types of sealing to offer finished packages ready for final use.